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Sinh Tran for City Council #5
C'MON Seattle We Can Do Better

  • Seattle needs to be CLEAN so it’s a healthy and inviting place to live
  • Seattle needs to be MANAGEABLE so housing is affordable for everyone
  • Seattle needs to be ORDERLY so it is a safe and peaceful place for everyone to call home
  • Seattle needs to be NEIGHBORLY so everyone feels welcome and included

About Sinh Tran

As an experienced educator and technology expert with a diverse cultural background, I am deeply committed to serving my local community.

I was born in Saigon and earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from a university in Finland, as well as a master's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. With professional experience across Europe, Asia, and North America, I have gained a unique perspective on the importance of education, housing affordability, transportation, and diversity in today's rapidly changing world.

Sinh at North Gate Station
Sinh at library

Currently, as a member of the faculty at Georgia Tech, I teach students remotely from all over the globe. In addition, I am recognized as a Google Developer Expert, speaking at conferences, mentoring startups, and training developers.

My wife, Anh To, works as a project manager for a local company. Together, we have chosen Seattle as our home, where we cherish spending quality time with our young son at local parks, the zoo, Seattle Children’s Museum, on hikes in the mountains, and especially at our local library.

Where is District 5?

District 5 consists of the neighborhoods: Aurora Licton, Bitter Lake, Blue Ridge, Broadview, Cedar Park, Greenwood (both sharing with District 6), Haller Lake, Lake City, Licton Springs, Little Brook, Maple Leaf (sharing with District 4), Matthews Beach, Meadowbrook, North Park, Northgate, Olympic Hills, Pinehurst, Victory Heights, Wedgwood (sharing with District 4)

You can also look at the official detail map from King County .

The new district map will be available in mid-to-late March and will only differ slightly from this map.

What is Democracy Voucher

Give you signature to help Sinh redeem vouchers

The City of Seattle recently sent you four $25 Democracy Vouchers. Using Democracy Vouchers is a way to support my campaign without any cost to YOU. Here is how do donate your vouchers to my campaign:

  1. Online: going to https://democracyvoucher.seattle.gov/register, enter the invitation code from your vouchers, click on the blue arrow and then enter my name (Sinh Tran).
  2. Mail by using the vouchers you received, enter my name, sign with the same signature you use for your ballot, and either:
    1. return them to the City of Seattle in the prepaid postage envelope that came with your vouchers, or
    2. mail them to my campaign at P.O. Box 25127, Seattle, WA 98125
  3. Email by scanning or taking a picture of both sides of you signed vouchers and emailing to democracyvoucher@seattle.gov or contact@cmonseattle.vote

If you have lost or have not received your Democracy Vouchers, please call the City of Seattle at 206-727-8855 or email them at democracyvoucher@seattle.gov for replacements.

About Democracy Vouchers Program

Voters of Seattle created Democracy Vouchers through a citizen referendum in 2015 to reduce the influence of special interests in campaigns. Democracy Vouchers are certificates the City of Seattle sent to registered voters in February. Voters then can choose the candidates they wish to support. Every registered voter received four vouchers worth $25 each.

In exchange for accepting vouchers, candidates cannot accept campaign contributions greater than $300 from any individual. In addition, the candidate cannot spend more than $93,750 in the Primary Election and another $93,750 if they advance to the General Election.

To qualify to accept Democracy Vouchers a candidate needs 150 signatures from registered voters and $10 donations from at least 150 residents of Seattle. For council positions 1 through 7 seventy-five signatures and donations need to be from their districts.